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"Having worked in the publishing industry for almost four decades, there is one undeniable fact that I've learned. Publishing is hard work, often with very little return on the invested dollar. But despite that fact, there is a never ending supply of young men and women who would like to establish a career for themselves within the publishing industry. A unique and seminal work, The Insider's Guide to A Career in Book Publishing by publishing industry veteran Carin Siegfried is a 134 page compendium that ought to be considered mandatory reading for anyone who aspires to a publishing career — especially those for whom a publishing career automatically equates with being an editor because that's pretty much the extent of their familiarity with publishing. The Insider's Guide to A Career in Book Publishing is a thoroughly 'reader friendly' presentation of the different types of publishing houses and offers practical descriptions of the kinds of jobs the publishing industry offers. Basically an instruction manual, The Insider's Guide to A Career in Book Publishing explains how to research individual job categories; how to break a job description down to determine what is actually involved in it; covers searching for a publishing industry job both within New York as well as elsewhere in the country; and how to stand out in a crowded field of applicants for a targeted publishing industry position. Practical, informative, unique, and compactly comprehensive, The Insider's Guide to A Career in Book Publishing is very highly recommended for personal, academic, and community library Writing/Publishing instructional reference collections."
- Midwest Book Review

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"A book industry veteran describes the publishing world to aspiring editors, sales reps and production managers.

"In this debut career guide, Siegfried uses both her own experience working in the industry and comprehensive interviews with other insiders to present a balanced, thorough portrait of the world of books and publishing. The book targets readers in the early stages of their careers, particularly college students and recent graduates, and begins with a detailed overview of the departments found in most publishing houses, from editorial and publicity to subsidiary rights and sales. Siegfried warns readers that it can seem like everyone dreams of being the next great editor, and she suggests that other, less well-known career paths can provide professional fulfillment as well. Although there is some discussion of smaller publishers, the book focuses heavily on the industry’s Manhattan core (“Eventually, you can move away from New York City if you’d like”), and while much of the book’s advice is also useful to those trying to break into publishing in other locations, readers will not find an insider’s perspective on topics like university publishing or the options available in Minneapolis or San Francisco. Siegfried is clearly knowledgeable, and the book addresses many of the structural changes the industry has undergone in the past two decades, though her description of the retail side of the business draws on her experience at a chain bookstore and seems less applicable to the careers available at other book retailers. The book’s discussion of the job-search process is directed specifically at the needs of recent graduates—a line-by-line analysis of several job postings is particularly helpful—and offers advice that can be applied to cover letters and interviews in other industries as well. A detailed glossary at the end of the book explains everything from flap copy to first serial rights.

"A thorough introduction to the publishing industry."
—Kirkus Reviews, A November book of the month selection
Best Indie Books of 2014, starred review

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"Ms. Siegfried has written a frank and accessible guide to careers in publishing. Perfect for graduating seniors, job changers, or entry level professionals who are looking for tips and tricks of the trade. It's my new go-to resource at the career center."
—Jacki Banks, Employment Advisor, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

"I keep Carin Siegfried’s Guide on the corner of my desk when I meet with prospective publishing students. Not only does it give a clear and concise description of the many opportunities in the publishing business, but it also offers excellent advice on landing that first job. It’s required reading for my introduction to publishing course."
—Richard Sowienski, Associate Professor and Program Director of Publishing, Belmont University, Nashville, TN

"Siegfried also takes on the role of job search coach, helping readers align their skills and passions with the types of opportunities available in the book publishing industry."
Campus Career Counselor

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"The Insider's Guide to a Career in Book Publishing not only answers every question about how to break into the publishing business but, more importantly, how to thrive in it.
The author knows first-hand of the challenges and rewards of a career that many find daunting. In accessible but knowledgeable language, Siegfried arms the reader with what is needed before embarking on a career in the world of the written word."
—Parnassus Books, Nashville, Tennessee

"This little book can reach a large audience: the student decoding her career options and job search, the hopeful author seeking insight into how publishing works, and the customer with a casual interest in the industry’s structure and lingo."
—WordsWorth Books & Co., Little Rock, Arkansas

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